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There is always a choice.

A farmer, walking in the forest, found himself being stalked by a tiger. In a panic, he tried to run, to find some way to escape. The tiger, in no hurry to end the sport, merely stalked the farmer relentlessly.

It wasn’t long before the farmer saw light through the trees. Running towards the edge of the forest, the farmer found himself on a spit of earth, sticking out over a cliff so high that to jump would mean certain death. Looking back, he saw the tiger slowly approach just past the line of trees.

The farmer lamented, “Oh curse my fate! At a cliff’s edge, hounded by a tiger, not even a choice in my fate!”

A passing spirit whispered in the farmer’s ear, “Do not worry, poor farmer, for you do have a choice.”

“I have no choice. All that is left to me is to jump from this cliff to my death.”

“That is not true,” said the spirit. “You could let the tiger eat you.”

The samurai, sitting outside the cell, finished his tale and asked, “So what is your answer?”

Inside the cell sat a murderer, staring at death only. “Well what choice do I have? I could jump from the cliff, or be eaten by the tiger.”

Just past the line of the bars, the samurai smiled, but barely showed his teeth.

About the campaign

Sometimes, deeds must be done for the betterment of all and the good of the empire. Often, these acts are beneath a samurai. However, even those who have rejected the empire and it’s laws may still serve. From the ranks of criminals, the mad, and even the Lost, come those with nothing to lose, even honor. The only question is whether the honor of the empire will wilt like a lotus in the sun.


  • Films
    • The Dirty Dozen
    • Ocean’s 11
  • Graphic Novels
    • Blade of the Immortal, especially the Mugai-ryu and Rokki-dan
    • The Loser’s
    • The Boys
    • Okko
  • Music
    • Bad Religion
    • The Clash

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