House Rules

Character creation experience

The Wilted Lotus focuses on the more criminal and down-trodden members of samurai society. As a consequence, players may, at character creation only, convert honor into experience points at the rate of 1 full honor rank to 1 experience point. No more than 5 experience points may be earned in this way.

Starting Status and Infamy

All players start with Status 0 and Infamy 2.

Advantages and Disadvantages

All the characters are, somehow, criminals with a suitably heavy sentence or punishment if caught (ie. death penalty). Choosing Advantages and Disadvantages to support this is acceptable, though re-creating is not. For instance, choosing Black Sheep for being on death row is not acceptable. As a result, Disadvantage selections (as normal) are subject to GM approval.

Player stable

Players may have multiple characters in the ongoing campaign. However, no player may run more than one player during any episode, and any experience earned must be awarded to the character involved in the scenario. Interactions between a single player’s individual characters will be adjudicated out-of-character by consensus between two other players (at least one GM).

GM Characters

A GM may not play a character during one of their sessions.

GM Experience

As an episodic campaign, the GM will be awarded 10 experience for a session they run. This experience may be awarded to any single character in that player’s stable.

House Rules

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